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Same shit different pile

Current Music: The Day No One Needed To Know - Moneen

nothing's alright

What do I do now? That's a question that is constantly on everyone's mind, whether it's concious or not. But usually it's small things, it doesn't usually matter. But when a decision that actually matters to you comes up, and it means your current world, which way do you turn?

That's not me. You know me well enough to know that's not me, and that when I say it's not, i'm sincere.

Now. For now. When is now? What is it? Is now this second? Is now today? Is now tomorrow? How long can now last? A year? Will someone tell me when now is done? Or am I going to have to guess? If I guess I'm going to fail, and now will be lost inside the answers.

You find two notes: one says you might succeed. The other says you'll ruin everything.

Feelings aren't things that can come and go with the change of the wind. You can't feel one thing one day and then not the next. You may think you do, but you will find you don't. Trying to sort through my feelings is like putting me in a maze...blindfolded. I know what I feel, and I know how I want things to be. I know that it would work, I know that it would be great, but you can't have a duet on your own, and I don't feel like flying solo.

Wait? why.

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