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And then the template crashed.

I am still wanting to get a webcomic going. I've had ideas for webcomics running through my head for the past year, and i've been wanting to more than ever lately. I don't exactly have plots in my head, actually I know i don't. I have ideas, feelings, I know how I want it to feel when you read it. I have a basis, but I haven't thought out anything, and I'm too impatient to write out script before hand. I'll never get around to doing it of course.

I can't lose grip on my intentions.

How can time be going slow and fast at the same time? Days are going by like the snap of a finger, but seconds take an hour. 1s = 1s{60}

Wow boredom, apologize for the ramble.

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  • Blogger [*]Teh Blonde says so:
    9:15 PM  

    fucking amazing template!
    where are you gettin all these?
    and as for the webcomic idea..
    go for it, ull only wind up
    in a year from now saying
    'i want to do a webcomic'
    go for it! top

  • Blogger Ephrem says so:
    10:24 AM  

    Yeah you're right about the comic. And the this template is from bloggertemplates.org (its at the bottom) and Im just googling. My other one crashed pretty hard. I was trying to do stuff to it, and I accidently deleted some very important stuff. top