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In the past few months, maybe receeding back into the summer, I have been a different person. It may not be that noticable, well maybe thats because i'm failing at it, but I am trying. Just, someone with more confidence, in themselves and their actions. I enjoy it more that way too, as long as your confident in what you're doing, others will do the same. Sometimes I'll catch myself doing what I used to, and I'll slap myself across the face (not literally of course).

Last night I figured I'd grab some of The Mars Volta, that my buddy Scott is always talking about, well apparently I grabbed something like all of it, so thats fun. He's right, it's a really aquired taste. I really like it though, I like the musicianship, and the complete freedom to whatever they feel. Alot of the stuff they play, as easy as it sounds, isnt, simply to count of keep in your head is difficult.

So everyday I wake up I have a shower, grab some coffee, and venture down to my room. There are comics and blogs I read every morning. I enjoy it, sometimes when I'm bored I'll reread a comic from the start. One of my favorite comics (these are consider online comics by the way, they are just printed Spiderman comics scanned in, for those unfamiliar with the idea) would be Applegeeks. I've been following it for well over a year now, and I really enjoy it. The writer for comic, Ananth, has a blog that keeps on his own. He writes alot of things in it, and he'll do little writing spurts to get his imagination going, or a warm up or whatever he uses it for. Reading that stuff is a good example of how writing is an artform. A particular story line he's been using is about a woman named Autumn, and I just love to read the description in it. "With her dark hair, ivory skin, and dusky lipstick, Autumn was a black and white photo." That sticks in the back of my mind for some reason.

I'll save the rest for another time.

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