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Where heros go to cry

Current Song: Injection - Rise Against

The snow hath fallen last night, the second time this autumn. I'm not a fan of winter, it's far too cold, especially here in Winnipeg. I do like snow though, like last night when I left work, there was a light snow fall drifting down from the grey nothing above. I'm still to understand why it is so hard for them the land on your tongue.

Don't come up empty handed

Hooray for Friday, the day before weekends, for it has come. Sadly I work all weekend, so my days off arent really days off, I'll sleep through most, probably play alot of games. As winter nears closer there is less of me wanting to go outside. It's too cold, and even when it isn't cold, it's just not nice. But I have to make sure I don't become a closet case and not leave my house all winter, all though that would be pretty cool.

There are a million reasons for why this may not work... and just one good one for why it will

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