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Tell me with your eyes

That feeling. You know the feeling, the feeling that you get when you're high up in the air, about to dive into the water. When you're at the edge, and you're looking down. You're thinking to yourself how much you want to jump. You're right at the edge too, its right there, but theres always something holding you back, like your legs not moving, or the nervousness, because you don't know how its going to end, or if it will hurt.

That's how I feel lately, its constantly there, im on the brink of discorvery but something is holding me back. Lately has been amazing, that is the only word I can think of, and I think it's an understatement. I've traveled so far in so little time. So many hours spent talking, but it feels like a microscopic segment of time, of what could be. Hmm, shall I leap off of my diving board of safety?

Because your sad song made it sadder.


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