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I spiked your cup with angst

And then I told you to stop reading... well just because I love you I'll keep going. Excitement you ask? Oh nothing, nothing at all happens to me that can be defined with the word exciting. Now if you asked me, "Hey, what's been midly entertaining you lately?" THEN I'd have an answer.

A devil in a midnight mass, killed the boy inside the man

Last night a bunch of the guys got together and we LAN'd a bit. Played some CS:S and CoH. Nothing exciting lately, or ever for that matter. But I wonder if I want excitement, it would have to be something huge for it to be exciting. Hmm, like someone I know getingt into a horrible car accident, but coming out fine. Yeah, that would be exciting. Or even better, if I did. Yeah I think I could go for some of that.

There will be no missing me tonight

I need to go on a rant here, but who wants to guess what I woke up to this morning? I woke up to my parents arguing, and all I got out of it was that my mom didn't want my dad to rip me a new one for their internet not working. I'm the only person in my house who is computer literate, I put the router in my room for the sake of not having to go upstairs to change things. Everytime they dont get their emails, which is a constant thing (because Outlook Express blows hard) they blame me, regardless of the countless times I've told them I don't know why they cant get their emails. They're hooked up to the internet, it's something within the program or computer. Anyways, I hear the argument end so it won't escalate to a fight, then my mom wakes me up to tell me that I better fix the internet, it was a threat, but it wasn't from her. So I head on upstairs, turn on the computer(wait an hour for the piece to load up), to find that they're internet is working smoothly. I try to explain that I have no clue why they can't get their email, and that's its probably something to do with you changing your service providor, and they understood it. But that will only last a day, this will happen again in a week or so, and it will piss me off just as much then as it did today.

Rescue me

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