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Watermelon lips

A first kiss is something that is supposed to happen when your a child, so when you miss, you can act like a child. I mentioned in a previous blog that I've been a different person lately, and well its true. But I've found something wrong with the new me, he doesn't care. In the most serious, dramatic or romantic moments Im constantly just laughing everything off. Other people may find it irritating, I myself do. It sort of sucks, because I can never truly stop and just tell someone how I feel about whatever it is we're talking about or doing. People are so used to the joking me, they're expecting one.

Teen Romance is a magical thing. I was pondering a few things today, comparing what teens do compared to adults, and I have to say that romance wise we do the best and worst things ever. When you're young, love isn't an experience yet, it's a phenomenon, everyone is trying to find their own, to discover it, let alone explore the thought. But at the same time, things can end as quickly as they began, and hearts may be hurt more than you know. I've barely trailed up the mountain, but as far as I can tell it's a trip well worth it.

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