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I'm trying, i'm doing my best.

No, that's a lie. I'm trying to do something I can't accomplish. I'm trying to break myself out of the mold, everyday life. And no, I don't mean that I should start doing something a little different, I mean I should completely change myself and see life for what it is. This comic...

...the more I read the more it makes me want to do just that. Stop being afraid of not uncomforting everyone else. I want to be out going, he's right, everyday we face a million possibilites, we could do anything that day, we could change someone's life, but we decide to stay with the same routine, same job, same girlfriend or boyfriend, same life. Look outside the box people!

I come in to this little square (you know, this place where my text lays into) expecting to write something longwinded and profound, but the second my fingers hit the keyboard blood drizzles down from my ear and I crap my pants. My goodness, it's not even worth trying anymore.

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