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the face of dawn

So Christmas came and went, old St. Nicholas snuck up on me again this year, didn't realize it was so close until two weeks before; I don't pay attention to the date, I'm the kind of person who lives out of the seat of my pants. I'm not a huge fan of the holiday, I mean it's fun and all, but I enjoy the break afterwards even more. I guess I should cherish the few years where I have a good two weeks off to relax, because it won't be the same in a while.

Thoughts Not Coming by Werol

Once again I have the urge to start a comic but no commitment. I have no excuse not to either, as much as I hate my drawings I've read and enjoyed comics that had terrible drawings, I know places that can host them and I'm sure I can get one of the many ideas in my head out. But I just don't have the commitement to take two hours every other night, sketch out a guideline, scan it in, do the lineart, color the characters, write the dialogue, finish a background, and upload it. I have to be able to enjoy it, but I don't enjoy anything anymore.

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