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Don't Worry Be Happy

This conversation occured between my coworker Theo and I when we made it our mission to listen Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby Mc Ferrin for as long as we could, we were about half an hour in...

Me: *Sings* Don't worry be happy...

Theo: You know...

Me: Yeah?

Theo: Bobby Mc Ferrin commited suicide eh.


Theo: *Grin*

Me: HAHAHAHeheheh That's horrible! Hahahahah!

Theo: And so ironic!

That was the most hilarious thing I've heard lately, regardless (as I was told shortly after) that it's known to be a myth.
I don't understand some people, doesn't everyone other than me realize this is life? I know that sounds conceded, but thats how everyone seems to appear to me. I was driving around this morning with my buddies, and we were discussing things we want in life and where we want to go, and I thought to myself, "Why not now?" It just seems odd to me that everyone sets there sights so far away for something that's right in front of us. The laws of man shouldn't set foot near our dreams.

I can't look at anything anymore without analyzing it, what it's made of, and why I can't put my hand through it. I drift onward wondering what I want to do with my life. Not what I want to do as a career or that i want to start a family, but what I truly what I want to do, not what everyone thinks I should do. If you want to live in a one room apartment being a musician and gigin' out all your life, then I think you should do that. If you want to buy a car, grab a camera and drive from city to city or country to country freelancing photography then I think you should do it. I'm tired of people telling us what isn't smart, what isn't a good idea, from the day we enter kindergarten we're told this. Who is it that decided what is right with the world, who decides which ideas are greatness.

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