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I hate having morals, I wish I could be like everyone else in this country and not give a damn if they ruin someones day. I may not have ruined this guys day, but he walkd away from Pizza Hut in a bad mood, in fact he flipped me off.

I had just walked out of the washroom that sits out in the dining room, and after reviewing the faces of everyone at their tables, checking to see if I recognize anyone. I see this man who had just left after his purchase, turn around and walk back to the counter staring at his pizza like it was sopme sort of monster. I'm standing behind inspecting the pizza, being one of the people who made it, wondering what was wrong, a piece had just gotten stuck to the top of the box and fell of, he assumed he was missing it and came back. Once it fell down and he realized what had happened, he apologized thanked us for the purchase and preceeded to leave. After I thought he had left i slipped behind a little wall next to the counter to keep myself out of view, and started talking to my buddy who was working with me.

"Man, I thought that guy was going to be a dick.."

"Yeah, same."

"But he was pretty nice."

Well I assumed wrong, and he hadnt quite left, he was doing up his coat or something or other, and I guess he over heard us wrong. I'm guessing he heard me say, "Man... that guy was a dick". But he flipped me off, or my buddy, I'm not completely sure. But that was bugging me for the rest of the night, he was actually a good customer, he had a misunderstanding, aplogized and thanked us for a second time. I feel like I should have went after him and explained the misunderstanding, because after that he left in a bad mood and thinking that everyone that works atPizza Hut are a bunch of dicks (sadly thats true too).

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