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We bet him five dollars he would drown... a bittersweet victory

I watched the independent film Brick tonight, and I really loved it. It had alot of emotion, and it dragged you into the atmostphere. I will admit that the audio wasn't always what it should have been, or maybe i just didn't understand what they were saying, but that's besides the point because that added appeal. The main character was a mix of everything, he wore cowboy boots, but had long hair. He wore a big jacket dug his hands so far in his pockets that it appeared he was hiding something. And his face alone reminds me of this other actor i've seen, and Harry Potter. It may have been the hair and glasses, but you could definitely see the Potter.

Regular days of my regular life, I'm never going to get excitement. There will never be an adventure, there will never be gun fights, or damsels in distress. There will be my room, my old familiar room. My job, that I loathe to go to. My friends, who will always be in question, and always think me less of them. It's all too ordinary.

I'm too tired to sleep.

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