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Rythem of my heart

Hmm, since I bought The Darkness cd, I've really come to love them. The singer is really good, he can pull off these amazingly high pitches, and it's simple, simple groove. Also, the lyrics are great, i guess romantic is a good term to use.

The state of elation that this unison of hearts achieved. I had seen, I had touched, I had tasted and I truly believed. - Love is only a feeling - The Darkness

I'm glad I'm back to the way I was during the summer. Once again I have achieved a state where I don't care anymore. Strange how a girl (or boy) can change your whole state of mind for a while. I found another webcomic, actually two, I'm always looking if you didn't know. Creatures in my Head, and Templar, Arizona. I've haven't looked at many creatures, but I'm in the middle of reading Templar. It's pretty good as far as I can tell. It's got a neat art style.

Just listen to the rythem of my heart

And reading a webcomic makes me want to make my own, but I don't have a plot! But I guess I'm not getting anywhere by sitting around not trying, so maybe if I have nothing to do today I'll sketch a few concepts. Which I know I will hate, and then I'll get frustrated with myself and quit, just to repeat the process a month from now.

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