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What'cha say what'cha say wha!?

How I could just kill a man. Last few days have been wicked endless fun. Innocence is not a key factor, nor discussable. It has been a blur, the only thing i can remember is the smile on my face. I hate secrets, I hate having to censor myself for other peoples well being, so they don't get uncomfortable, because some people can't handle what i have to say. I want to scream everything from the rooftops, i want to let everyone know what I'm thinking only beause it's not important.

I want to kiss you every minute every hour every day

The devine emotion. It makes you wonder how many other people you will share it with, or how many other people you can. I only have friend that I know of that I can honestly say I share the feeling. What's that feeling? What's the devine emotion? Comfort, and it is expressed with a smile. Someone who no matter what will always be there for you, you can be rude, and you be loving, you can put them off for a month and when you pick back up you're just as tight as you were when you left. Not everyone is priveliged to have that friend, but that's because they're afraid of that emotion. They're afraid what people will think if they admit they're that tied to someone. I shout it out, I don't censor what I think, if I have a friend that close to me, i let them know, I tell them as much as possible. I tell everyone I love as much as possible, but if they can't handle it, then I won't. Some people just can't handle my love for them.

Loosen up, because I know you can

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