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Sadly it will never be what I want, and always have hoped for it to be. There will never be a midnight confession, she will never say she has loved me all along, and I will never admit the truth to her. There will be no fairy tale, just a monotonous narration. I will never have the permission to look at her the way I want to, or the courage to caress her hand. It was never meant for me anyways.

We never know if we're winning in the game called life. There is no scoreboard to reveal the points to us, there is no clock counting down the seconds until the buzzer. The time we spend playing is up to us, how much we enjoy it is equivilant to how hard we try. This last month or so has been interesting, I'm not going to say it was good or bad. It had it's moments, and I don't regret doing anything I did. I don't regret anything anyways.

She looked at me with those pitying eyes

I hate to say I have no best friend. There is no one who is truly my best friend anymore, it's not that I don't have friends, I have plenty. In my mind I have a best friend, but I've called someone a bestfriend before, when they didn't return it.

I can't stand the thoughts that run through my head anymore

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