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I've learned recently that If I don't have time to blog in the mornings, I don't. I've been getting up just in the nick of time lately, and have neglected my blog. I feel bad :P But not really.

How can I take what could be and make it what is?

Hmm, what has been up lately, hmm, tis a good questions, and I guess in the honesty that I never lose, I would have to say nothing. But that wouldn't suprise you now would it. School, work, friends, and if I can fit it, games. That is how my life rotates. Not that I think of it it rarely deviates from that strict schedule, and I guess that doesn't bother me. That's all I really need, or anyone needs for that matter.

I'm sorry for what's been said

It just occured to me that I never have explained the reason for all the italic writing in between paragraphs. I've decided to take my "Current Song" thing-a-ma-jiggy from it, because it takes the feeling I want from the blog, makes it feel too much like a journal than a rant. Well I will usually place things from songs, or things that have been bouncing around in my head in italics, but only if it means something important to me. Everything inbetween paragraphs has a purpose, it has a meaning, plus it breaks the train of thought as I segue myself into a different topic.

It makes angels weep

At the moment everything is blurring by, in retrospect I would have to say it's blissful, even though in the back of my head there is one topic digging away. I have to ignore it now, I can't be myself, or who I used to be, I just can't. He didnt work then, so why would he work now.

Is there a solution?

Deviation of the Day

Reno Shape by His Half Elf


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