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Shooting Comets

Who knows what it is in store for me, right now I'm at a loss. Actually I'm more worried, because I can't see anything happening for me, and running the same cycle everyday will depress me. So I need something to happen, anything at all will do, as long as it's exciting to gain my attention for a few weeks.

No one else will know these lonely dreams

Have you ever made something more than it is? Built something up in your head, only to be let down? Two years ago if I felt what I am now, I would have acted on these emotions, but I've learned enough to know that this is just a stage in loneliness. It's a useless attempt to comfort myself just by understanding it, but it's also a useless attempt to discuss it in a blog that no one other than myself reads, but I still do it. I'm not sure what I'm hoping for, I think my state of mind is that if I get through today maybe tomorrow will be better. Well? Will it?

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