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Just the profound writing of the unfound youth

There are certain people in this world who seem to only think for themselves, these people need to learn a lesson, and grow up. My best friend is angry at me as of late. What for, you ask? I have no idea. He broke up with his girlfriend last week, her and I used to be pretty good friends, and then for somereason we stopped while they dated. We're friends again though, anyways, her and I have been hanging out lately. Apparently to my friend this is grounds to call me things like 'Judest', or 'rat'. He refuses to talk to me right now, and I still don't see how he can assume my intentions. My intentions are harmless, I'm not trying anything, I am way too lazy for intentions. Suffice to say there's nothing I can do, I haven't done anything wrong, but in his head I've betrayed him, and since he's not talking to me we can't settle things.

Whatever, despite anything that's going on I'm pretty content. So my best friend is mad at, whatever he does this all the time. On the bright side everything else seems to be going good for me. Next weekend is going to be a vaction. I'm heading out to Saskatoon for my grandparents 50th Anniversary. It will be nice to not have to work for a while. It also gives me time to think, I dont know what I'll be thinking about, but I'll be thinking.

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