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I saw a man pursuing the horizon

If someone recorded your thoughts and broadcast them on national television, what do you think people would think? My thoughts travel back and forth from every possible spectrum in the blink of an eye. I think I would scare most of the country, anger the rest, and there would be that one lonely guy up in the Yukon knodding his head saying to himself that he thinks the exact same things.

I needed affection today, and I looked for it in the wrong place. I feel terrible for taking advantage of a friendship, if it were anyone else I wouldn't have allowed myself, but somewhere in my head the jackass takes over. It's the jackass that lives inside everyone, it's the power tripping side, the side comes out when you have an advantage. But I just felt lonely, when you wake up in the morning and can't think of any reason to get up except to go to work, you just need someone. But since I never have anyone there I live my life by spontaneity, I go out looking for something to jump out at me. For example, today I bought a birthday gift. I had little money beforehand, and have no money now, but I did it to give me something to do. I didn't go out looking for a gift either, I just went looking. Do you think it's a coincidence that after using the last of my money on an impulse gift, I get to work to recieve a 'vacation paycheck'?

"There is no such thing as coincidence, only the illusion of coincidence." -V for Vendetta

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