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Just the profound writing of the unfound youth

I used to blog alot, until I realized it was a waste of my time. In the back my head there has been a voice telling me to start a blog. I know no one reads this, but I actually do find it entertaining.

Everyday I'm busy, usually consuming my entire day until I wake up and repeat the process. I have school throughout the day, work at night, somewhere in between I need to finish homework and practice for three bands.Suffice to say, I'm constantly busy (or should be). I sort of had an awakening last week, I realized that this is life. For the next two years of school this is what it will be like, constant work. It will let up at times, but I need to work harder than I already am. I believe (I haven't been told) that I'm failing both my Trans. English and Physics class. Not due to understanding, but the only homework we have needed for marks have come back with near fail grades. It's one hundred percent my fault as usual, as we speak I should be reasearching some stuff for a project, but instead I'm procrastinating and will probably take a zero on that part.

Romance is in the air, whether it be the ending or the beginning. When I'm walking around, regardless of my where abouts, there are couples everywhere, it usually would make me sad. Lately I've been too busy to be sad, I just dont care about anything anymore, it's just a blur anyways.

I've hit the point of ramble now, my short attention span is telling to move on to something else.

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